Qtum量子链开发进展更新2017.11.27 - 2017.12.4
Louis 2017-12-05发布

Qtum量子链开发进展更新来了,以下为2017.11.27 - 2017.12.4更新内容。


* 主干网络v1.1.3发布 -- 修复在QRC代币地址的下拉列表中错误显示合约地址的问题;



* [x86虚拟机/opcodes] 增加支持i386指令集架构的新opcodes;

* [Mobile移动端/API] 增加对已删除合约的验证;

* [Mobile移动端/API] 支持QRC代币的交易记录;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 增加发送QTUM到合约时的验证;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 支持获取QRC代币名称;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 增强QRC20 ABI支持;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 调整发送费用范围,减小估计费用的波动范围;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 确保已经stake且还未成熟的余额不被统计到可用余额中;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 支持选择发送地址;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 支持显示QRC代币余额;

* [Core/GUI] 修复QRC代币地址下拉列表中错误,使其不再显示合约地址;

* [x86虚拟机/Toolchain]目前最简化版本的i386-qtum-gcc编译器已经可以正常编   译最简化版本的libc;

* [x86虚拟机/testbench]Testbench支持加载和解析ELF32文件;

* [x86虚拟机/Tests] 开发测试套件,使测试opcodes变得尽可能简单;

* [Core/文档] 完成2个Qtum使用相关的文档;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 增加合约的参数类型描述;

* [区块浏览Insight] 增加QTUM财富榜页面;

* [区块浏览Insight] 修复根据地址搜索的一个漏洞;

* [区块浏览Insight] 在界面中显示全网Staking Weight;

* [区块浏览Insight] 统一合约和非合约搜索;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 修复几个界面显示上的漏洞;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 完善README文档;

* [API/QTUMJS] 扩展QTUMJS,支持交易确认的长轮询



* [Core/GUI] 正在实现全QtumCore钱包的全新界面,获得更好的交互体验;

* [Core/RPC] 增强RPC功能,增加waitforlogs命令和长轮询支持;

* [Core/VMs] 虚拟机接口重构,以便后续x86虚拟机集成;

* [Mobile移动端/API] 支持判断一笔导入的余额是否在staking;

* [x86虚拟机/测试] 移植“test386.asm”测试套件(注:这是一个专门用于测试x86   虚拟机的开源项目);

* [Core/DB] 更新LevelDB至1.20版本,修复由于-logevents引入的问题;

* [x86/Opcodes] 重构大部分math opcodes,使其逻辑更加清晰;

* [x86/Tests] 为mathopcodes增加标志位flag和行为测试用例;

* [x86/Opcodes] 继续增加更多opcodes,直至完全支持i386指令集架构;

* [Mobile移动端/Apps] 支持调用合约中的constant函数;

* [区块浏览Insight] 继续加强对代币浏览的支持;


Week of November 27th:

Note: We discontinued the developmentupdates for a while because we were making significantly less changes to theQtum Core wallet. 

We will now continue them on a weekly basisand include details on all development work, not just Qtum Core. 


Core Releases:

* Mainnet v1.1.3 - Fixed a bug that causedcontact addresses to show in receive token address dropdown


Work Completed:

* [x86/Opcodes] Added several new opcodesto get to i386 ISA support.

* [Mobile/API] Added verification fordeleted contracts

* [Mobile/API] Added token transfer historysupport

* [Mobile/Apps] Add verification promptwhen sending qtum to a contract

* [Mobile/Apps] Add support to get name oftoken

* [Mobile/Apps] Improved QRC20 ABI support

* [Mobile/Apps] Made fee round so that theestimated fee fluctuates less

* [Mobile/Apps] Made sure that stakedbalance does not count toward spendable balance

* [Mobile/Apps] Added ability to selectwhich address a tx should come from

* [Mobile/Apps] Added balance display fortokens

* [Core/GUI] Fix token address list to notinclude contact addresses

* [x86/Toolchain] Got a minimal version ofthe i386-qtum-gcc compiler working   with a minimal libc

* [x86/Testbench] Testbench can now loadand parse ELF32 files

* [x86/Tests] Wrote test-suite utilities tomake testing opcodes in x86CPU as   easy as possible.

* [Core/Documentation] Completed 2documents for using Qtum

* [Mobile/Apps] Added description ofparameter types for contracts

* [Insight] Added page for rich list

* [Insight] Fixed a bug when searching byaddress

* [Insight] Show Network Weight in UI

* [Insight] Unify contract and non-contractsearch function

* [Mobile/Apps] Fixed some UI bugs from theaddition of themes

* [Mobile/Apps] Improved READMEdocumentation

* [API/QtumJS] Extended QtumJS to supportlong-polling when checking for     transaction confirmations


Work In-Progress:

* [Core/GUI] Working on a complete revampof the theme and layout for the Qtum Core wallet

* [Core/RPC] Improving RPC interface to addwaitforlogs command and long-polling support

* [Core/VMs] Working on massivelyrefactoring the VM interface to be clean to clear the way for the x86 VM beingintegrated later

* [Mobile/API] Adding ability to determineif a portion of balance is in stake

* [x86/Tests] Porting"test386.asm" test suite (open source project built specifically totest x86 VMs)

* [Core/DB] Upgrading LevelDB to 1.20 tofix a known issue that is triggered by -log-events

* [x86/Opcodes] Refactoring most mathopcodes to be cleaner and have correct logic

* [x86/Tests] Adding flag and behaviortests for math opcodes

* [x86/Opcodes] Continuing to add moreopcodes to support the full i386 ISA

* [Mobile/Apps] Adding support for callingconstant functions in contracts

* [Insight] More work on improving tokeninterface