yoyow 2018-07-16发布






1.1、YOYOW-3 Token规范将会实现Token发行的相关功能,如Token创建、Token发行、Token转账、转账明细等












1. 6月19日,YOYOW创始人白菜受邀参加陀螺财经value100直播,分享主题“最难的路才是最长久的路”。此次直播围绕四大主题,分享了白菜与YOYOW,币问的发展及其自身对区块链的见解。

2. 6月29日,YOYOW创始人白菜出席乌镇全球区块链大会,在论坛《公链的进化与创新》环节与各位嘉宾就公链的发展与未来进行讨论。

3. 7月6日,YOYOW创始人白菜做客布洛克科技时点对话栏目,分享了他接触区块链和创办YOYOW的经历,介绍了YOYOW的技术框架和对社区发看法。

4. 7月3日,随着YOYOW“繁星”Token发行功能上线,YOYOW官方面向社区发起“Token发行手续费定价投票”活动。活动于7月14日结束。




1) 邀请排行榜:用户可以查看自己的邀请排名情况,提升大家的积极性;

2) 默认使用热门:首页会根据问答的热门度进行排序,方便用户查看近期热点问答。希望各位多多参与,贡献宝贵的认知和独到的见解。

3) 币问网站更换了新的域名为biask.com。

4) 币问奖励的发放时间进行了调整,具体已改为:每周五的下午。




5、2018年7月6日至7月12日币问联合MORE.TOP钱包发起活动【 参与MORE.TOP 钱包讨论,一起瓜分200000MORE】

Development progress


‘Fan Xing’, the latest updates of YOYOW wallet, its chain-end was released on Jun 26th, 2018. Application for mobile phone and PC-end were updated synchronously on 2nd July. In addition, The ‘One-Click Token Issue’ function has been officially available on Jul 15th, 2018.


‘Fan Xing’ will implement the following functions:

1.1 The YOYOW-3 Token Specification that YOYOW ‘Fan Xing’ will implement new features related to token issuance, such as token creation, token issuance, token transfer and transaction details, etc.

1.2 New function for users to freely choose token display type

1.3 Optimized overall layout and added bottom navigation

1.4 Optimized user experience and added transition effects between pages.


While YOYOW constantly improves its main chain’s functional development, its erc20 token will be transferred to main net step by step. Also, YOYOW related code will open source gradually.


Community Updates


1. On 19th June, YOYOW founder Bai Cai was invited to participate in Gyro Finance Value100 Studio and shared his valuable opinion around the theme of ‘The hardest way is also the longest’. During the inteview, Bai Cai shared four topics on the relationship between YOYOW and himself, YOYOW’s present and future, Bitask’s development and his own understanding on blockchain.

2. On 29th June, YOYOW founder Bai Cai attended the 2018 World Blockchain Conference. During the session of discussion on <Evolution and Creation of Public Chain >, Bai Cai shared his thoughts with guests on public chain’s future and development.

3. On Jun 3rd, YOYOW started a voting to deciding token issuance fee to celebrate the latest wallet ‘Fan Xing’ and its token issuance function. This activity ended in 13th July.

4. On Jul 6th, YOYOW founder Bai Cai was invited to participate in Block 360 Time Point Conversation Column and shared his experience in contact with blockchain and the establishment of YOYOW. Moreover, he introduced YOYOW’s technical framework and his attitude about the community.


Development of Biask


1. New Features:

1.1 Ranking list of invitation: Users can see their invitation rankings, which will increase users’ enthusiasm.

1.2 Default hot topics: The contents on the home page will be ranked according to the question’s popularity, which will be convenient for the users to find hot topics. Biask welcome everyone interested in blockchain to go to biask and share their valuable cognition and unique insights.

1.3 Biask’s official website changed its domain name to biask.com.

1.4 Biask adjusted its reward issuance time to every Friday afternoon.

2. Biask jointly hosted an event with Fion Tu, an examination paper from Foin Tu with 3000 FOTA scholarship, from Jun 12th, 2018 to Jun 15th, 2018.

3. From Jun 15th, 2018 to Jun 19th, 2018, Biask started an activity: Gyro Finance hosts YOYOW special live open class and Biask invite you to participate with your question.

4. From Jun 26th, 2018 to Jul 3rd, 2018, Biask jointly hosted an activity with Delphy: Delphy forecast the 2018 World Cup, answering questions to get 20000 DPY.

5. From Jul 6th, 2018 to Jul 12th, 2018, Biask jointly hosted an activity with MORE.TOP wallet: participate in the discussion about MORE.TOP on biask.com, carving 20000MORE together.