yoyow 2019-03-22发布



1. YOYOW主链增加了database_api以及wallet的api说明

2. database_api增加接口:

get_score_profit(account_uid_type account, uint32_t period);

3. 命令行wallet增加接口:

get_score_profit(string account, uint32_t period);

4. 链上增加广告位advertising_object,以及创建、更新、购买、确认、赎回广告位的操作

5. yoyow_client钱包添加了对应operation的接口

6. 添加启动参数enable-check-invariants

7. 扩展参数由static_variant变更为extensions

8. 新增用户授权平台对象,添加相对应查询API

9. 链上新增广告订单对象

10. 链上增加自定义投票功能

11. 相对应查询API加入起始和查询数目限制




2. 新增资产展示页

3. 新增平台投票功能

4. 新增Dapp板块

5. 增加重置账号功能

6. 新增相册扫描二维码功能

7. 新增零钱免密支付设置

8. 新增操作明细及其分类功能

9. 可删除所有钱包,退出登录

10. 可隐藏账号资产金额,增加私密性





1. 3月5日,YOYOW主网在OKEx完成切换并开放充提

2. YOYOW基金会作为高级支持伙伴加入Drupal Association,此次合作将推动在Drupal社区和YOYOW社区中推广发展YOYOW网络的网站和应用程序

3. YOYOW受邀参加公有链技术联盟(PCTA)香港主题分享会

4. 2月4日观点区举办春节特别福利活动--猪年来了!秀出你的年夜饭,本次活动主题年味浓,参与度极高。

5. 2月14日观点区举办情人节主题活动--情人‘劫’ 撒狗粮大赛。

6. 2月19日币问平台、币问官方微博举办元宵主题活动--正月十五,花好月圆,币问君请你来猜灯谜。本次活动内容幽默风趣,用户参与度高,互动性强。

7. 币问官方社群的日常维护与建设。

8. 币问科代表计划--本月科代表们共发表32篇优质文章到各大内容平台,科代表计划有利于币问用户个人IP的打造,同时又能让币问这个品牌在圈内发挥更大的影响力。

9. 币问在链向财经和共享财经首页增加广告位展示。

YOYOW Project Progress Report (Mar 2019)


Underlying technology progress

1. Added database_api and wallet api descriptions

2. database_api added interface:

get_score_profit(account_uid_type account, uint32_t period);

3. wallet added interface:

get_score_profit(string account, uint32_t period);

4. Added ad slot advertising_object, and create, update, purchase, confirm, redeem ad slots

5. YOYOW-client wallet added the interface corresponding to the operation

6. Added the boot parameter enable-check-invariants

7. Extended parameters changed from static_variant to extensions

8. Added user authorization platform object, added corresponding query API

9. Added advertising order object

10. Custom voting function

11. Corresponding query API added start and query number limits


Wallet progress

1. Optimized the "information sales" function to create a personalized store

2. Added asset display page

3. Added platform voting function

4. Added Dapp section

5. Added account reset function

6. Added album scanning QR code function

7. Added password-free tipping payment settings

8. Added operation details and classification function

9. Can delete all wallets, log out

10. Can hide account asset amount and increase privacy

The YOYOW wallet is now in the final test phase and the latest version will be released recently.


Community progress

1. On March 5th, the YOYOW completed mainnet swap in OKEx and opened deposit & withdrawal services.

2.The YOYOW Foundation joined the Drupal Association as a signature supporting partner, and this collaboration will promote the development of the websites and applications that spread and use YOYOW network in the Drupal community and the YOYOW community.

3.YOYOW was invited to the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) Hong Kong Meetup.

4.On February 4th, Biask Viewpoint Area held a special welfare event for the Spring Festival - the Year of Pig has arrived! Show your reunion dinner! The theme of this event was filled with new year atmosphere and the event enjoyed active participation.

5.On February 14th, the Viewpoint Area held an event with the theme of Valentine's Day – Contest of Public Display of Affection.

6.On February 19th, the Biask platform and the Biask official Weibo held the Lantern Festival event – on the 15th of the first lunar month, with blooming flowers and full moon, Biask invites you to guess the riddle. The content of this event is humorous, engaging and interactve.

7.The routine maintenance and construction of the Biask official community.

8. Biask Project Representative Program – this month, the project representatives have posted a total of 32 high-quality articles to the major content platforms. The project representative program is conducive to the creation of the personal IP of the user, while allowing Biask to exert greater influence in the industry.

9. Biask adds advertising space to the homepage of Chainfor and Shared Finance.