Shulian Ratings: "Blockchain + Pan-Entertainment", Next Cusp?(2)
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摘要:The pan-entertainment industry, which is characteriazed withdigitalization and virtualization, is naturally suitable for blockchain.  

The pan-entertainment industry, which is characteriazed withdigitalization and virtualization,  is naturally suitable for blockchain.The pan-entertainment industry mainly uses Internet to produce and distributeentertainment contents, including online games, videos, network literature,online music, animation and online live broadcast.


Essence Securities pointed out thatblockchain technology can be used for the content of digital entertainment,digital property rights and transactions. It simplifies the tax payment processand reduces transaction costs; the blockchain can establish a link between thecopyright owner and the consumer community directly; thus, it ensures that theowner can receive the royalties that paid by the consumer in a timely andconvenient manner, avoiding the deduction of the intermediate link.

ADX is a decentralizedadvertising trading platform andit is developed by the team of Stremio in June2017. Stremio which led by IvoGeorgiev and Dimo Stoyanov, is a videoentertainment founding center. ADX aimsto addresses industry issues, such asprivacy, misdirection, fraud, the usage ofAD blockers, inaccurate target usersand so on; it  mainly providesstreamingvideo service for advertisingpublishers.


Developed by Qiang Liu in May 2017, YOYOW is a contentdriven network based on blockchain. The goal is to build a network that appliesblockchain technology and decentralized consensus, so that content producers,investors, screeners and ecological builders can get reasonable incentives andreturns.



Developedby Alessio Mack in 2017, VIBE is a technology platform that creates avirtual reality (VR) market. The difference between VIBE and traditionalvirtual reality applications (VR) is that VIBE can capture visualrepresentations from Volumetric Video (such a video requires a new 3D captureTechnology called Holoportation Technology).



Developedby Arnold in March 2017, Lunyr is a decentralizedencyclopedia knowledge base based on Ethereum. Users are rewarded for peerreview and knowledge contribution. The aim is to develop a knowledge base basedon API to provide reliable and accurate information for Internet. LUN canaccurately process application data without the intervention of censorshipauthorities and third parties.



Developedby Andy Tian in December 2017, GTO is the world's firstdecentralized universal virtual gift protocol. It is launched by Uplive,a live platform. GIFTO decentralizes the gift-giving mode of Uplive throughblockchain technology, enabling content creators around the world to createtheir own unique virtual gifts and enabling fans to deliver gifts without usingUplive.



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